What Is Short Sale?

If You Are Behind In Your Mortgage Payments, Short Sale May Be An Option For You To Save Your Credit Profile.  Sometimes, Things Happen In Life And Things Spin Out Of Control.  If You Can't Figure Out How To Get Caught Up On Your Mortgage, You May Need To Sell Your Home Before It Is Foreclosed.  Short Sale Is Just The Term Used To Describe Selling The Home For Less "Short" Of What Is Owed To The Mortgage Company.  You May Need To Consider A "Short Sale" If The Home Is Now Valued At Less Than You Owe On The Mortgage.  Please Keep In Mind, This Process Is Not Short.  So, If You Are Behind....You May Need To Start The Process Right Away To Prevent Foreclosure.  Call Me Now For More Information On How To Sell To Prevent Foreclosure Or To Buy A Short Sale Property.